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Available via Robinson in October 2017

About Us

Britain’s biggest, smallest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, most-endearing pub dogs (and one pub pig)

Photographer Abbie Lucas and journalist Paul Fleckney have roamed the country, following a huge number of leads, discovering the wonderful variety of Britain’s pub-dwelling dogs (and one pig, Frances Bacon) for this beautiful photographic collection. They met old dogs and young dogs; horse-sized dogs and pint-sized dogs. One pub had three Jack Russells; another, four red setters; and a third was home to a bulldog who spins like a ballerina.

Many are rescue dogs, offered a fresh start in a loving home – one was blind in one eye, another had only three legs. The pub dogs were named after footballers, French philosophers, Japanese film stars and the Hungarian credit crunch. One had met a Beatle, another George Clooney, but, more to the point, all these dogs are much loved by their pub’s regulars – often seen as ‘more of a friend than a dog’.



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